fitMOMemtum provides in-home pre/postnatal personal training specifically designed to help women stay active and healthy.
Whatever your goals, whatever your motivations, whatever your schedules, fitMOMentum is here for you!  We create customized workouts that are safe, effective and FUN!  Your personal workouts will combine the right intensity of cardiovascular training with resistance training and flexibility to suit your specific needs.We bring all the equipment to you: weights, stability ball, tubing, sandbags, gliders, step, and more!  Everyday is different, you will never get bored!  Oh and did we mention a customized play list just for you!
We offer three packages:

A) Trial Package: 1 month
B) Single Trimester Package: 3 months
C) Full Term Package: 9 months

Contact fitMOMemtum now @ 613-218-8335.

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