Back to Work After the Holidays

So today was the day…the day that my sweet baby returned to daycare, the day that his mom and dad return to working 8am-5pm…and the day that I get off the “holiday slacker bandwagon” and get back on track with my PERSONAL FITNESS GOALS for 2013.

I’ve always been one to make New Years Resolutions.  Not that I ever keep them all, but it makes me feel good to at least be ambitious enough to think about what I want to accomplish in the year to come.  So, with the recent launch of fitMOMentum I thought it would make sense to focus on my fitness resolutions for 2013 and share them with YOU.

I hope you find these motivate you to make your own…and share them with someone so that we are all accountable to staying healthy and happy this year!

fitMOMentum Top Ten Resolutions for 2013

  1. Run 100 times (and yes, I will keep a tally!)
  2. Add 10 additional mins of flexibility / stretching to each workout (at least 3 times a week)
  3. Recommit to Yoga practice once a week (Sunday mornings before family walk?!)
  4. Bike WITH family on weekends to visit parks in surrounding neighborhoods
  5. Reduce % body fat
  6. Drink 8oz of water first thing every morning…even before a shower…maybe in the shower!
  7. Meet Jules from fitnesswithjules…she inspires me and I’ve never even met her!
  8. Get regular massages
  9. Play everyday
  10. Motivate 10 others toward fitMOMentum!


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