It’s really happening!

One year later…fitMOMentum is back!P1080224

This past year was filled with some personal and family challenges that made it difficult to keep up with this blog.

Four miscarriages.

I am so blessed to have Finn, now 2.5 years old, in my life.  Even if there never is a #2…I have more than I could ever wish for!

This year’s focus is on family health!  Stay tuned for some fun family workout ideas!


Who is fitMOMentum?

Here’s my story:


I had always been an active person, figure skater turned hockey player, yoga practitioner, volleyball enthusiast (indoor court and beach in the summer months), and gym-bunny… but my biggest love of all…RUNNING!  I love training for the Ottawa Half Marathon.

In September 2011 I was expecting my first child!  I ran up until I was 27 weeks preggers, but then the pressure of baby on my pelvis became too much so I had to stop.  Fear not, I switched my running routine to a high intensity walking regime and our dog loved me!


I had dreams of being “that mom”, who the day after giving birth, would be back out along the canal, this time not only with my handsome dog, but now, proudly sporting my new-born in a front carrier!  I assumed I’d be back into my running shoes within a couple of short weeks after giving birth…unfortunately, that was not in the cards.

A long labour caused me to suffer severe nerve damage (neuropathy) in the nerve bundle located in my pelvis.  This affected my entire left leg and foot, preventing me from walking, let alone running for several months postpartum.  The pain associated with the damaged nerves was unbearable…I’ll take labour any day over nerve damage.  Really.

My dreams of being “that mom” were not happening.

It took me three months to have the ability to get out of the house and into a gym…where, on my first visit I managed to spend 15 minutes on a stationery bike.  I couldn’t believe how much just that helped me feel so much better not just physically but mentally too. Exercise made me feel human again.

I was on my way back to being me!

At that moment, I knew I wanted to do something to help women experiencing pre/postnatal struggles stay active and healthy… and from there, fitMOMentum was born.